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PDT Technologies provides law enforcement agencies with the ultimate personal protective equipment for force-on-force or reality-based training (RBT). Designed with the proper fit, form and function, PDT gear optimizes training value without sacrificing safety. The ideal end state of RBT is to achieve training objectives around officer survivability and constitutionally justified use of lethal force. PPE plays an integral role in reinforcing the main concepts behind reality-based training: use the same weapons systems and methods to develop muscle memory during high stress scenarios, and extract desired conditioned responses that validate use of force policies.

PDT Technologies has developed and applied PPE based on safety, practicality and diversity since 1991, working with organizations such as the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). 


Reality-based training and the associated experience of kinetic events is extremely important for our warfighters. Not only does RBT maintain combat performance, but the accompanying conditioning, decision-making and stress inoculation can save ultimately lives on the battlefield. In supporting RBT and NLTA engagements, personal protective equipment must adhere to the highest standards for safe, practical and diverse training experiences. PDT’s family of PPE products has been engineered to optimize training value, minimize obstructive effects, and promote safety and practical application for the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Without the use of proper protective equipment, Airsoft can result in serious injuries, with the eyes, ears, face and neck being most prone to projectile strikes. PDT’s professional-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) keeps civilian end users safe by preventing personal injury during Airsoft-based training and recreation.  Previously, PDT products have been available exclusively to the military and law enforcement communities for non-lethal training ammunition engagements. With its consumer market release, civilian Airsoft and paintball enthusiasts can now access PPE that provides the ultimate fit, form and function.


PDT supports business requirements for the civilian market and professional trainers by providing personal protective equipment that promotes superior standards for reality-based training courses and events. With the growing trend to improve standards in mainstream defensive firearms instruction, civilian trainers are now leveraging law enforcement and military methods of progressive skill development utilizing non-lethal training ammunition.  PDT is a one-stop source of military-grade personal protective equipment for certified firearms instructors (NRA, CCW, private sector certifications, etc.).