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Civilian Training Programs


Although gun ownership has risen dramatically in recent years, training has lagged behind, creating a huge gap between the number of civilians who own firearms, and those who have had sufficient training. PDT supports business requirements professional firearms instructors (NRA, CCW, private sector certifications, etc.) by providing professional-grade personal protective equipment that promotes superior standards for reality-based training courses.

Course Information: Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program

PDT Technologies has partnered with I.C.E. Training, one of the nation’s leading defensive training companies, on their Reality-Based Training Instructor Development Program. This program leverages RBT methodologies to improve standards in mainstream defensive firearms instruction. The program is designed for RBT instructors, NRA certified instructors, concealed carry weapon and personal defense/home defense instructors. Some of the nation’s top civilian training companies, including 10X Defense, Safer Faster Defense, Bearco Training and Echo-5 Training Group, are among the first to be certified under the program. To learn more, please visit

Once certified, students qualify to purchase a discounted $1200 PDT product package that includes the following:

       Three (3) full sets of PDT’s personal protective equipment. Designed for non-lethal training ammunition engagements, each set includes the Force 1 helmet, neck protector, padded hood, chest protector, groin protector, hand armor, and a marking knife for CQB training.

       500 rounds of non-lethal training ammunition (5.56mm marking cartridges)

       One (1) M-4/AR-15 conversion bolt.