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Airsoft and Paintball


“There are a lot of people using Airsoft out there right now,. Airsoft can embed in your skin, knock out your teeth, and certainly destroy your eyes. People say one of the advantages of Airsoft is that you don’t need all this personal protective equipment. They’re absolutely wrong. In my opinion, if you’re going to be conducting Airsoft training, you should use the same level of protective gear as that used for conventional marketing cartridges. I’m a big fan of PDT’s gear. From the helmet to the neck protector and protective hood, this is just the top gear on the planet.”

Ken Murray
Co-founder, SIMUNITION®

Director of Training, Armiger Police Training Institute
Author, Training at the Speed of Life

Without the use of proper protective equipment, Airsoft can result in serious injuries, with the eyes, ears, face and neck being most prone to projectile strikes. PDT’s professional-grade headgear keeps end users safe by preventing and mitigating personal injury during Airsoft-based training and recreation.


PDT’s Next Gen Headgear features a new, soft face mask constructed of flexible rubber, enabling users to form a proper cheek weld when using shoulder-fired weapons. Users can consistently and ergonomically acquire an unobstructed sight picture, solving the primary issue that exists when using PPE helmets with shoulder weapons.

Download the PDT Next Gen Headgear spec sheet now!