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About Us

Founded in 1991, Practical Defense Training Technologies (PDT) represents the gold standard in personal protective equipment for the military, law enforcement, civilian training and Airsoft/paintball markets. Our mission is to promote safety, practical application and a true-to-life kinetic experience. With over 24 years of experience designing and developing protective products, our warfighters and police forces trust PDT to keep them safe during non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) engagements. PDT’s high performance products are now available to the commercial market, providing the ultimate in fit, form, function and safety to certified civilian firearms instructors and Airsoft/paintball enthusiasts.

“From the helmet to the neck protector and protective hood, this is just the top gear on the planet.  PDT is certainly the best helmet that I’ve seen in the market. The first and foremost feature is that this thing just does not fog.  Fogging is a big deal in scenario-based training. I can always see clearly through this helmet. It’s also very comfortable and non-claustrophobic. I can put it on, speak to trainees in a normal tone of voice and be heard clearly. PDT also has meshing in the lower mask for additional impact protection. There have been projectile intrusions in masks that don’t have that feature. 

There are also a lot of people using Airsoft out there right now. Airsoft can embed in your skin, knock out your teeth, and certainly destroy your eyes. A lot of people say one of the advantages of Airsoft is that you don’t need all this PPE. They’re absolutely wrong. In my opinion, if you’re going to be conducting Airsoft training, you should use the same level of protective gear as that used for conventional marketing cartridges. Make one protective gear decision for all your projectile-based training needs. I’m a big fan of PDT’s gear.”

Ken Murray
Director of Training, Armiger Police Training Institute
Co-founder, SIMUNITION®
Author, Training at the Speed of Life